Our Institution

Established in the year 1956 is the only college in Vidarbha region which has Now reached the Zenith of Success. "Sa Vidhya Yo Vimuktaye" is the motto of institution. Inspired by the aims such as complete Development of teaching personality and other related factor through the process of training to teachers and to cultivate teaching values the institution is heading towards progression.
The highly talented, dedicated, teaching staff of the College, efficient non teaching staff, by merit selected talented Students, latest audio-visual aids, Technological aids, prosperous library, efficient extension Department are the monogram of the institution. All this factors have resulted in the up gradation and pride of College.
The overall out came of the training by Social, Spiritual, Educational dimension resulting in a teacher having attained highly through full aids etc Sense is created by Institution.

Goals of the Institution

  • To remove the superstitious belief and develop scientific and curative attitude in the students.
  • To give employment oriented education to the students.
  • To give career- oriented education to the students.
  • To develop over all personality of the students.
  • To provide educational facilities to the rural student at a reasonable cost.
  • To provide education to the students of socially & economically backward class.
  • To create a generation of scientist who shall dedicate themselves to the research works.
  • To increase the provision of medical specialists for the physical and mental fitness of the Society.
  • To create expert man power for the subject, International Business
  • To create Successful teachers among the students.
  • To guide for the succession competitive exams.
  • To create national charactered professional experts.
  • To create responsible citizen towards social outlook.
  • To create expert skilled and good charactered teachers in the field of education.

Govt College of Education, Akola

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  • Near Akola Netra Hospital, Ramdaspeth, Akola, Dist.: Akola. (Maharashtra)
  • 0724 - 295 8830

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