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Principal's Message
Dr. Rajendra B. Manekar, Principal, Government College of Education, Akola. I am extremely delighted to present this website of the institute, which forms the foundation on the order of development i.e. “Tamaso Maa jyotir Gamaya”.
Established in the year 1956, this is the only institute in Vidarbha region, which has now reached the zenith of success. “Sa Vidya Ya Vimuktaye” is the motto of the institute Inspired by the aims such as overall personality development and other related factors through the process of training to the teachers and to cultivate teaching values the institute is heading towards progression. The highly talented, dedicated, efficient, honest and sincere teaching staff of the institute, efficient non-teaching staff, students who are selected on merit, advanced audio-visual aids, technological aids, prosperous library, efficient Extension Services Department are the monogram of the institute.
All these factors have contributed in the up-gradation of the institute. The overall outcome of the training by social, spiritual, educational dimensions resulting in a teacher teaching having attained highly thoughtful aesthetic sense are created by the institute. The reflection of the overall activities of the institute can be seen in the Website. While preparing this Website it has been carefully kept in mind that all the activities mentioned on  the Website are carried out practically and I feel that it is the outcome of the efforts by each individual human factor of the institute.
Dr. Rajendra B. Manekar
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