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Achievements - Faculty
8 faculties of the college have successfully completed Minor Research Projects on Environment and Value Education. One Minor Research project of a faculty is in progress. The list of the faculties is attached herewith:
Sr No Name of
the Faculty
Topic of Research Year Funding agency Amount
1. Dr. S. G. Bute A critical study of Educational Values in Sant Janabai’s Abhangas 2008-2010 UGC Rs34000
2. Dr. V. V. Deo Analytical study of Educational Thoughts of Swami Chinamayanand with reference to new curriculum(This thesis is copyrighted) 2007-2009 UGC Rs50000
3. Dr. R. V. Tadas To draw out thevalue reflected in the science text books at secondary level 2009-2011 UGC Rs27000
4. Dr. A. G .Watkar Analytical study of Brahmakumari with reference to personality development. 2008-2010 UGC Rs30000
5. D.r S. M. Ganoje Comparative study of global warming awareness among senior college teachers of various streams 2009-2011 UGC Rs35000
6. Dr. M.N.Khatal A study of environmental awarenessin reference to new curriculum. 2008-2010 UGC Rs50000
7. Dr G.k.Mankar Analytical study of educational values in the abhangas of Sant Tukaram. 2009-2011 UGC Rs50000
8. Dr.A.S.Dharaskar Analytical studies of educational thoughts of Sant Gadgebaba with reference to D Ed/B Ed curriculum. 2008-2010 UGC Rs25000
9 Dr S.U.Samudre Effectiveness of the Enquiry Teaching Model in the development of scientific attitude of the middle school students – an experimental study. 2011-2013 UGC Rs80000 HAS BEEN LAUNCH. THIS WEBSITE IS CREATED BY DR. VASUDHA DEO, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR. THIS IS CONTENT BASED WEBSITE. THE FIRST WEBSITE IN SANT GADGEBABA AMARAVATI UNIVERSITY, AMARAVATI
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