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Teaching Practice
Pre-practice preparation details and what is the follow-up support in the field practice teaching provided To the students during practice teaching in schools? Pre-Practice Preparations:
Pre-Practice Preparations:
  1. To give information about the lesson planning.
  2. To demonstrate lesson.
  3. To guide To prepare the draft lesson plan.
  4. To guide about preparing the lesson plan.
  5. To develop Micro-teaching skills.
  6. To guide regarding preparation of audio-visual aids.
  7. To give instructions regarding the school where practice teaching is arranged and the timings.
  8. To ask students To get the portion from the practice teaching schools.
  9. To observe practice teaching lessons.
  10. To organize workshops in Microteaching, Lesson Planning, etc.
  1. To see whether students reach on time To practice teaching schools.
  2. To see whether lessons are taken as per schedule.
  3. To check the units and sub-units.
  4. To see whether the faculties reach the schools To observe the lessons.
  5. To give remarks in the Lesson Plan Notebook.